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A Tarot for beautiful and perplexing creatures

who live beyond boundaries

The Outsider Tarot is a queer-artist created deck, 10 years in the making.  Reinterpreting every single card, the Outsider Tarot marries ancient esoteric systems with the colorful and revolutionary spirit of Outsiders past and present.  The spark of inspiration was to create a deck that directly channels the wisdom of our beautifully eccentric, forward-thinking predecessors to provide guidance through obstacles and towards enlightenment. 

From diva to drag queen, poet to hustler, rebel to hacktivist, essential worker to young migrant, renegade filmmakers to queer tattooist, transgender icon to uncompromising revolutionary, the Outsider Tarot was created to be an indispensable divination tool for anyone who lives beyond the boundaries of society.

The Spark of Lights from the Outsider Tarot by Bobby Abate. (@outsidertarot on Instagram)


An Outsider occupies a strange and external space all their own.

Outsiders don’t fit any particular mold. They are often outliers in society who feel somehow detached. For some, identifying as an Outsider is a personal and empowering choice, while for others it is a classification that represents rejection or exclusion. The boundary between insider and Outsider is allusive — it may be drawn by a personal feeling of not belonging or rigidly maintained by society. Nevertheless, all Outsiders are beautiful and perplexing creatures who at their best create, challenge, defy and redefine.


As a queer artist, I’ve crossed paths with so many Outsiders: goths, witches, queers, trans people, nerds, club kids, artists, and eccentrics from around the world — of every color, size, gender, orientation, ability, spirituality and age. Despite all this camaraderie, that feeling of being an Outsider always creeps back in. It was maddening at first but these moments of solitude remind us that, as Outsiders, we are clearing our own paths through life, and there are times that we need to do this work alone, with the help of the Outsider Tarot.




In early 2021 I mailed individual cards from a prototype printing of the deck to Outsiders all around the world. From drag icon and activist Sasha Velour to some of my oldest friends and to many I’ve never met, the selfies that each person took along with their interpretation were completely magical and humbling.

Outsider Tarot by Bobby Abate


The Outsider Tarot Kickstarter campaign was funded in five hours and nearly tripled its funding goal in March 2021, it was also selected as an official staff pick!
Elementals from Outsider Tarot by Bobby Abate