A Tarot reading is like floating down a river. When an object drifts by on the surface of a river, it is possible to trace its path and thereby discern where the object came from and what it had to traverse to get to where it is. It’s also easy to look ahead and predict whether the object is headed toward tranquil or rough waters. As a Tarot reader, I always tell my clients that the most important thing to remember is they always has agency to change direction, no tarot reading is fated. If the outcome described by a Tarot reading is not desired, one only has to paddle to change course. Although the Tarot reveals this direction, it is up to the querent to decide if the direction is right.

I offer one hour in-depth Tarot readings for $100.00. Tarot readings are conducted online over Zoom. Please send me an email using the the link below to schedule a reading with me (or send an email to outsidertarot@gmail.com).