THE OUTSIDER TAROT is a completely new tarot deck reimagined from scratch by Brooklyn based artist, filmmaker and esotericist Bobby Abate. The Outsider Tarot pays homage to the artists, forward thinkers, scientists, outlaws, witches, eccentrics, musicians, queers, minorities, writers, activists, feminists, revolutionaries, introverts, nerds, movements, collectives, refugees – aka * OUTSIDERS *  who have challenged and lived beyond the boundaries of society. 

Re-interpreting each card from the ground up, the Outsider Tarot is designed to reflect modern life in the age of the internet and social media, highlighting inclusivity and multiculturalism while embracing the Tarot’s rich and magical history. The Outsider Tarot is based upon a complex esoteric system but is simple enough to read intuitively.

When can I get the Outsider Tarot?

The OUTSIDER TAROT (deck + manual) will be available in 2020 by crowdfunding or publishing. Join the mailing list below to be notified about the launch!

Can I see more of the Outsider Tarot?

There is a new Instagram post almost every day spotlighting the cards, inspirational outsiders, new tarot spreads, events, reading events, and new works in progress! See the Instagram feed below!

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